Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ESPN 30 for 30 Once Siblings(Jednom Braća) 1/8

ESPN 30 for 30 Once Siblings(Jednom Braća) 1/8 Video Clips. Duration : 10.02 Mins.

Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac were two buddies who was raised together discussing the most popular bond of basketball. Together, they lifted the Yugoslavian National team to unthinkable levels. After overcoming Europe, both of them visited America where they grew to become the very first two foreign gamers to achieve National basketball association fame. However with nov the Ussr on Xmas Day 1991, Yugoslavia separate. A war started between Petrovic's Croatia and Divac's Serbia. Lengthy hidden ethnic tensions appeared. Which two males, once siblings, were now on opposite sides of the deadly civil war. As Petrovic and Divac ongoing to manage one another around the basketball courts from the National basketball association, no words passed between your two. Then, around the fateful evening of June 7, 1993, Drazen Petrovic was wiped out in a vehicle accident. "Once Siblings" will inform the gripping tale of those two males, how conditions beyond what they can control tore apart their friendship, and whether Divac has ever be prepared for the dying of the friend before they'd an opportunity to reconcile.

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