Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jordan Speed Painting

Jordan Speed Painting Video Clips. Duration : 1.90 Mins.

i don't own any privileges for this song No copyright intended. Jdevfilms my drawing of Jordan, using acrylic fresh paint and pencil. I had been seven years of age, when I received my first pair And That I walked outdoors And That I was like, Momma, this air bubble the following, it's gonna cause me to feel fly I hit that court, so when I leaped, I leaped, I swear I acquired excessive I touched the internet, Mother I touched the internet.. this is actually the best day's my existence Air Max's were next, That air bubble, that mesh This area, the smell, the stuffin, the popularity in class I had been so awesome I understood which i could not crease Them My buddies could not afford Them Four stripes on their own Adidas In the game I wasn't the very best, but my kicks were really like the pro's Years old, I stand out my tongue so everybody often see that logo design Nike Air Flight , but bad am dope After which my pal Carlos' brother got killed for his Fours, whoa See he wanted an increase shot, however they wanted his Starter coat though Did not wanna get caught, from Genesee Park to Othello You receive clowned for individuals Professional Wings, using the velcro Individuals weren't tight I had been attempting to fly without departing the floor, cuz I thought about being like Mike, right Thought about being him I thought about being that guy, I needed to the touch the rim I thought about being awesome, and that i desired to easily fit in I needed what he'd, America, it starts Chorus: I wish to fly Are you able to take me far Produce a star to achieve for Let me know what must be done And I'll go excessive I'll go excessive My ft will not touch the floor its my wings That pull the strings I ...

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